Today we won 1st place at the NRW State Choral Competition in category G1: Jazz vocal et cetera / a capella [KB1] and will advance to the next level in Weimar. We're incredibly excited!

Sing & Swing Festival 2013 in Werl

The festival was a complete success! Not only did we receive a "historical" overall score of 24.6 points, with "Scarborough Fair" achieving a perfect 25 points, but we also debuted our brand new and first CD "Bottle This Moment". What a moving experience for us all!

Second place at the Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF) 2011 in Denmark

We're hugely excited about our success at the Aarhus Vocal Festival. Next to so many wonderful experiences, all the amazing music and invaluable coaching sessions, we ourselves gave a – for us – fantastic performance with our competition piece. The jury awarded us 2nd place – thank you!! Congratulations to all the other competitors for their fantastic performances, especially 1st place winners "Naura" from Denmark and 3rd place winners "VOISZ" from the Netherlands.

Third place at the 8th German National Choral Competition (DCW) 2010 in Dortmund

Our intensive preparations were worth it: we won 3rd prize in the category "Jazz vocal et cetera/a capella" [KB2] at the National Choral Competition! Joining nearly 5,000 singers from across Germany, we gave our all in Dortmund, true to our motto "BJC for NRW at the DCW". With 23 out of a possible 25 points, we are ecstatic to count ourselves among the best amateur vocal jazz ensembles in Germany. This trial by fire for Sascha Cohn – our musical director since only last fall – was passed with flying colours! We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for the magic she worked in preparing us... so that we could represent our state with dignity at the competition – or, as she likes to say: NRW rocks!!!

Winners of the 8th NRW State Choral Competition 2009

The Bonner Jazzchor successfully participated in the 8th NRW State Choral Competition 2009, achieving 22 points in our category and as a result 1st place.

We are very pleased to have the chance to take part in the 8th National Choral Competition 2010!

Third place at the Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF) 2009 in Denmark

The Bonner Jazzchor qualified for the competition as one of six choirs in the category. We competed against first-class choirs from Denmark, Holland and Germany, for a first-class jury composed of Roger Treece, Andrea Figallo and Malene Rigtrup. At the awards ceremony, adjudicator Malene Rigtrup praised the "incomparable harmonic vocabulary and the rhythmical complexity" of the Bonner Jazzchor.

"Master Choir" at the Sing & Swing Festival 2009 in Cologne

The Bonner Jazzchor received the distinction of "Sing and Swing Master Choir" at the 1st International Sing and Swing Festival in Cologne. We took part in the competition, performing along with 37 other choirs and ensembles. The NRW State Choral Federationhad assembled a top-class international jury including The Real Group members Katarina Henryson und Anders Jalkéus. Our musical performance and presentation of competition pieces won us a 23.5 out of 25 possible points and the distinction of Master Choir.

Winners of Chorfest Bremen 2008

The Bonner Jazzchor won 1st place at Chorfest Bremen in May 2008. Over 400 choirs from Germany, Holland, Poland, Latvia and Namibia took part in the huge singing contest, held by the German Choral Federation. Competing in the category "Jazz/Pop A", the Bonner Jazzchor walked away with a 23.5 out of 25 possible points, "excellent success" and a tie for 1st place with Bremen's jazz choir "Just Friends", who achieved the same score. With tender, swinging, groovy and powerful sounds, the choir won over not just the jury, but an enthusiastic audience, too.

"Master Choir" at Sing & Swing Festival 2007 in Hamm

At this festival hosted by the NRW Singers' Association, the Bonner Jazzchor came away with first place in the category "Jazz, Pop, Gospel and Barberhsop". The choir of 40 singers received a rarely awarded top score of 24.5 out of a possible 25 points, and may now call themselves a "Master Choir". The top-class adjudicators praised the choir's "singerly qualitites, very good choreography and stage presence".

Third place at the 7th NRW State Choral Competition 2005

In November 2005, the Bonner Jazzchor participated in their first competition and received an amazing result of 23 points as well as third prize in the categorie "Jazz vocal et cetera/a capella[KB3] ".

"Sing & Swing Performance Choir" 2005

In June 2005 the NRW Singers' Association staged the first "Sing & Swing Festival" in Dortmund. The Bonner Jazzchor was awarded "very good" many times over and the coveted title "Sing & Swing Performance Choir". As German National Choir director Michael Schmoll said to the Bonner Jazzchor's director Tono Wissing: "...a wonderful ensemble!"