A new CD is born: "TAKE ME OUTSIDE"

Here at last! Our new album "TAKE ME OUTSIDE" took almost a year to rehearse, record, coordinate, print and press. Now, after the  2013 debut of "Bottle This Moment", we are thrilled and proud to have our second "baby" in our hands,

With TAKE ME OUTSIDE we aim to take you on a voyage of discovery, into a world of new – and occasionally known - arrangements. As is so often the case, the trip starts with a farewell: the song "Der Tag" – feel free to click! Then we are off and running ... through the depths of the heart and the shallows of the soul, exploring city lights, sun-dappled gardens and mystical worlds. Sometimes joyous, sometimes pensive, we even pass by the "end of the world" before arriving at the bittersweet season of late-life yearning and gratitude.

Still, there's no time to get mired in melancholy; there is a wonderful treat in store for the patient listener (along with a reminder that we’re all just people). We had the honor of supporting the amazing a cappella group SLIXS on their rendition of Rag n’ Bone Man’s "Human" and it appears on our album as a bonus track. Enjoy!

With TAKE ME OUTSIDE we have remained true to the singer-songwriter genre, while expanding our repertoire of German and Nordic compositions. And through it all we have maintained our focus on personality. After all, life is the best storyteller of all – we just pass those stories along.

If you are interested in joining us on this musical journey, you can find a sampling of our work – and a chance to order our CD – on these pages.

If you want to hear us live, the next dates are:

  • 9.12. Cologne (double concert with the Filmhaus Chor)

We look forward to seeing you!

Golden October greetings from

Bonn Jazz Choir